GET TO KNOW // Jaimie Smith, 22



  1. Describe Your Life! I am a full time receptionist/grad student/blogger/Etsy shop owner/ and so much more, I stay so busy, but I love spending time with my family, friends, and amazing boyfriend. I love to shop and play with makeup and I love reading other blogs, oh and I love run-on sentences. :)

  2. What do you love about hair and makeup? I love that it can transform me into a more confident person, I am so comfortable with my own makeup-free face, but when I apply makeup, I feel so much more confident! I love trying new things, formulas, and shades and I love testing out new brands and products!

  3. Your Celebrity Goddess & Why? Kim Kardashian... So many people hate on her, but she is so flawless to me! Her makeup is always perfect, and brings out her natural beauty. All of the Kardashians actually are my makeup/fashion/hair godesses! Perfection.

  4. 5 Go-to things for everyday beauty or fashion? A good mascara, a great pearl necklace, a good pair of skinny jeans (cough, jeggings), my perfect everyday lip color, and a few cans of hairspray!

  5. Absolute favorite dessert? Cheesecake!


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