GET TO KNOW // Jaimie Smith, 22



  1. Describe Your Life! Full time college student + Professional Graphic Designer + Plus Size Blogger + Daily Commuter = Everyday moving. I am always super busy, I commute almost 4 hours every other day for work or school, but it gives me a lot of time to immerse myself in fashion, beauty, and lifestyles (when i'm not driving of course). I am working on getting healthy!

  2. What do you love about hair and makeup? If you can't tell from my picture, I have REALLY big, crazy curly hair. I love that there is a lot more behind hair then at first glance. I love trying different stuff for my hair (including different colors), and with makeup...I mean come on. One day you're city glam, and the next you're bringing out your natural beauty!

  3. Your Celebrity Goddess & Why? I have so many, but Nicki Minaj is probably my number one. She has a lot of "pushing the limit" looks, and rocks her curves like you wouldn't believe. I think being plus size, you have to embrace what you got, and Nicki Minaj definitely reminds me to do so. 

  4. 5 Go-to things for everyday beauty or fashion? Eye Liner, Nyx Copenhagen Lip Stain, A Lip plumper, a rocking pair of ankle boots with a big matching hat. You can literally make any outfit with just that.

  5. Absolute favorite dessert? Does flaming hot Cheetos count?


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