1. One sentence to Describe you? Preschool teacher by day, aspiring fashion blogger, well, all the time, and lover of lipstick, flannel, and my dachshund, Bailey.

2. What do you love about Fashion? Fashion is a creative outlet for me. It is a means of expressing myself, trying something new, sharing something I am passionate about.

3. Your favorite inspirational Quote: ‘It’s all messy – the hair, the bed, the words, the heart… Life.’ William Leal

4. How would you describe your style? My style varies; I love vintage-inspired pieces, girlie dresses, and combining both masculine and feminine pieces to create a cohesive look. And lipstick is essential, of course! 

5. What’s your daily morning routine? I wake up each morning, turn on the coffee pot and head for the shower. I then turn up the music while applying makeup. Because of my work schedule and the nature of my job (a preschool teacher), I do a quick blow-dry before putting my hair back. I then walk to work where I chase after twelve adorable, and very busy toddlers. On weekends, I spend slightly more time on both my hair and makeup, but prefer slightly messy and simple styles.


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